About James Fletcher:
DWI Lawyer in Austin, Texas

James is in the unique position to be able to provide effective legal representation for criminal cases, especially DWI, at affordable rates. He knows exactly how to handle a DWI case from arrest to verdict, and has worked hard to establish a reputation as a tough, adamant, and creative trial attorney who fights for his clients throughout the process.

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Criminal Defense

Any criminal charge is a serious affair, and requires a serious attorney who can defend a citizen against the power of the government, who will do everything within its power to secure a conviction.Learn More »


In a criminal prosecution, the burden of proof is always on the State, never shifting to the Defense, to prove each and every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt.Learn More »

Personal Injury

James Fletcher comes from a family of attorneys that practice Personal Injury law with the distinguished firm Simmons & Fletcher.Learn More »

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